“It is one of the few photography shows I have seen which speaks the language of painting, drawing and printmaking without seeming in the slightest subservient to these traditions… in the mainstream of today’s thinking about image, idea and art.”
Richard Ames, News Press
Santa Barbara, California

Loren Ellis with "Dance on Water" 68"x40"

“Loren Ellis is a talented artist…unique work. She works well with others, and is an asset to be in her company for she exudes great positive energy with an effervescent personality.”
Arnold Newman

“I have known Loren Ellis for several years as a talented photographer. She is a hardworking, thoughtful and an excellent artist who is completely devoted to her work. In addition, she is a first rate teacher. Because slides fail to reveal the quality of her work it must be seen in the original, then the spatial grouping the size, scale and color resonate more fully.”
John Coplans
Photographer and critic; founder of Art Forum Magazine

Loren Ellis with "Between Two Extremes" 40"x65"

“I would like to recommend Loren Ellis for any project that she may endeavor regarding the use of her unusual style of photomontage and mixed media.
The quality and originality of Ellis’ originals are very impressive. The work evokes much thought and emotion, and reflects a painting influence, and a fresh and innovative approach to photography.
Ethan Karp
Associate Director
OK Harris Gallery New York

“With my very best. I love what you are doing with Art for Healing.”
Irving Sandler
New York art critic and author

“Loren Ellis’ collections weave through the imagined and the perceived--a material _expression that could only come from the genius of her soul; of reality portrayed as images, of spirits disguised as matter and of the future recast as the present. Her works of art evoke not the finality of ideas, but the continuity of thoughts unbroken in ages eternal.”
Vee David, Assistant Professor
Kyushu University of Health and Welfare
Miyazaki, Japan

“There will always be something new to see even if the images were studied for several hours.”
R. Martin, Tampa Times
Tampa, Florida

“After 30 years of photography and teaching, I felt that I had seen almost all that could be done in creative photography. Upon viewing Loren Ellis’ portfolio, I found myself impressed and above all excited with Loren’s creations.”
Herbert A. Boggie, Director, Brooks Institute of Photography
Santa Barbara, California

“Loren Ellis seeks visions in the same way that you or I might wonder into the BIG WOODS by mistake. The things she sees on these vision quests are-or so they seem-very similar to what one feels and knows after spending all night sleeping on the floor of the forest. They make me want a cigarette and I haven’t smoked in fifteen years.”
Robert Fichter
Professor and Photographer
U.C.L.A. and Florida State University
Los Angeles, California, Tallahassee, Florida
Quote from “Photographs and Thoughts” book published 1977

“Loren Ellis uses photographic images the way Picasso used a paint brush.”
Joanne Milani, Tampa Tribune
Tampa, Florida